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Bomber Suspending Pro Long A

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The Bomber Suspending Pro Long A fishing lures was designed with unmatched realism and industry finest components. No need to adjust this lure, it’s weighted to suspend horizontally right out of the package. It’s equipped with #4 Gamakatsu treble hooks and an Excalibur Tear Drop Split ring for increased performance. Suspending Pro Long A colors :Blue Flash, Chartreuse Flash Orange Belly, Clown Flash, Golden Bengal, Pewter Pearl, Silver Flash Blue Back, Silver Flash Orange Belly, Watermelon Pearl.

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  • Mark says:

    So let me tell u a little somethin about this Bomber Suspending Pro Long A lure, if u are looking for a jerkbait tht catches fish and the paint dont wear down then this is one for u! I have been fishing a pond near my house for almost two years and i thoght i caught all the fish to were i could name them but today it was the first time i used this lure there and in the first five minutes i caught a 8 pound monster largemout on it, i usually ony catch 14 inch bass out of there ad it felt like a dream when i landed the fish it was so big!!

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