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Pros and Cons of spinnerbaits

Posted at March 29, 2016

Many lures have a narrow range of efficacy.  Floating frogs, for example, are often extremely productive for catching bass, but they are unlikely to... Read More

Halco tests Madeye plastics lure at Albrolhos Islands

Posted at March 26, 2016

Heading to the Abrolhos Islands WA to pre-fish before a tournament, Halco Madeye soft plastic designer, Jadon Wilder, offers some insight into the extreme... Read More

Tonic polarized fishing sunglasses

Posted at January 30, 2016

By creating a lens that incorporates four colours, and coating the inside of the lens with an anti-reflective film, the wearer will enjoy true... Read More

Best Trout Spinners

Posted at January 1, 2016

Spinners must be in your lure box. The simple because truth love spinners. These essential and proven spinners are the best for trouth fishing. Panther Martin Original Spinners... Read More

Tree best fishing lures for Newbies

Posted at December 21, 2015

Because lures fishing is a wonderful hobby and we all benefit from greater interest in the activity, you should always take the opportunity to introduce... Read More

lure fishing walk the dog

How To Walk The Dog With Lures

Posted at December 14, 2015

Making your topwater lure move side to side or give it the “walk the dog” action can be hard to master. Topwater lures are great... Read More

Shimano Lures Wallet

Posted at December 12, 2015

The Shimano lures Wallet is designed for a range of lure sizes. The cases are purpose-designed, so you can wash down the wallet and tackle... Read More

Squid Fishing Techniques

Posted at December 10, 2015

Squid are attracted to light. Whether you take advantage of the light sources on docks, or you create your own light source, this is... Read More

Monster 148cm barramundi caught on regular lure

Posted at December 9, 2015

Stanley Watt, 32, has been fishing at Wallaby Island, near Aurukun, since he was a child. On October 3, Mr Watt and nine family members... Read More

Crazy looking lures

Posted at December 5, 2015

Crazy looking lures.... Read More

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