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Bomber Suspending Pro Long A

Posted at February 27, 2017

The Bomber Suspending Pro Long A fishing lures was designed with unmatched realism and industry finest components. No need to adjust this lure, it’s... Read More

Rebel micro POP-R lure

Posted at April 6, 2016

The Rebel micro POP-R lure is a super ultralight version of the classic Pop-R. Like all of the baits in the Rebel micro Critter... Read More

Salmo Bullhead lure

Posted at March 31, 2016

One of the oldest lure models in Salmo’s range. It is still the only imitation of a bullhead or flathead minnow on the market... Read More

Santone lures Texas Finesse Jig

Santone Texas Finesse Jig

Posted at March 24, 2016

Santone Texas Finesse Jig lures are equipped with a Gamakatsu Hook for lightning-quick penetration, the Santone Texas Finesse Jig features a ball head design... Read More

Jackall Cover Craw Soft lure

Posted at March 3, 2016

The Jackall Cover Craw soft bait lure presents a protein-rich profile in a compact soft plastic package. It is available in two sizes three and four... Read More

Jackall Super Pin Tail 4″

Posted at January 25, 2016

Jackall new Super Pin Tail 4″drop shot bait is sure to find it’s way into your tackle box. The jackall secret is in it’s... Read More

Jackall Swimming Ninja Lure

Posted at January 9, 2016

Jackall new soft sinking Ninja swimbait lure is bite for any size bass. Jackall Swimbait Ninja lure imitates baby bass and bluegill which are the... Read More

Salmo Rover Lure

Posted at January 2, 2016

Salmo Rover lure is a mix of stickbait and popper . With the skilful merging of those two types of lures, we achieved a... Read More

Savage Gear Hard Shrimp Lure

Posted at January 1, 2016

Providing lifelike attraction for every part of the water column, the Savage Gear Hard Shrimp combines the durability and castability of a hard lure... Read More

ZMan Pop Frogz topwater lure

Posted at December 26, 2015

Zman pop frogz lure are one of the most exciting soft plastic lures to hit the Australian market in recent times.  As odd as... Read More

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