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Salmo Bullhead lure

Posted at March 31, 2016

One of the oldest lure models in Salmo’s range. It is still the only imitation of a bullhead or flathead minnow on the market... Read More

Salmo Rover Lure

Posted at January 2, 2016

Salmo Rover lure is a mix of stickbait and popper . With the skilful merging of those two types of lures, we achieved a... Read More

Salmo Boxer Lure

Posted at December 19, 2015

Salmo Boxer is a typical crankbait, with a very strong action, easily felt through the rod. Available in two sizes – 4 and 7... Read More

Salmo Pop popper lure

Posted at December 9, 2015

Salmo Pop is a simple but effective popper. Classic shape, critical mass and ideal balance make this lure easy to cast, every time. Add... Read More