Reidy’s Seabug Rat Lure

Posted at January 7, 2016

Seabug – Rat The Reidy’s Sea Bug Rat lure is designed for either deep water jigging, shallow reef jigging or cast and retrieve style fishing... Read More

Salmo Rover Lure

Posted at January 2, 2016

Salmo Rover lure is a mix of stickbait and popper . With the skilful merging of those two types of lures, we achieved a... Read More

Savage Gear Hard Shrimp Lure

Posted at January 1, 2016

Providing lifelike attraction for every part of the water column, the Savage Gear Hard Shrimp combines the durability and castability of a hard lure... Read More

Best Trout Spinners

Posted at January 1, 2016

Spinners must be in your lure box. The simple because truth love spinners. These essential and proven spinners are the best for trouth fishing. Panther Martin Original Spinners... Read More

Halco Laser Pro 45

Posted at December 27, 2015

Halco Laser Pro range lures are precision built for maximum fish catching ability.The small sinking Laser Pro 45, has a myriad of uses. It... Read More

ZMan Pop Frogz topwater lure

Posted at December 26, 2015

Zman pop frogz lure are one of the most exciting soft plastic lures to hit the Australian market in recent times.  As odd as... Read More

Rebel Pop-R popper lure

Posted at December 22, 2015

The Rebel Pop-R popper lure. Perfect for bass fishing. This lure won anglers hundreds of thousands of dollars in bass tournaments while it was discontinued.... Read More

Tree best fishing lures for Newbies

Posted at December 21, 2015

Because lures fishing is a wonderful hobby and we all benefit from greater interest in the activity, you should always take the opportunity to introduce... Read More

Salty Devil Lure

Posted at December 20, 2015

Salty Devil lures are metal versions of the Original Tasmanian Devil were  designed specifically for surf & rock spinning, salt water trolling & jigging. Salty Devil... Read More

Salmo Boxer Lure

Posted at December 19, 2015

Salmo Boxer is a typical crankbait, with a very strong action, easily felt through the rod. Available in two sizes – 4 and 7... Read More

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