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Black Bart Pelagic Breakfast Black Rainbow

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Black Bart Pelagic Breakfast CUSTOM COLOUR Skirted Lure – Black Rainbow. The Pelagic Breakfast is a lure that has it all, a slant and scooped face, jet holes in the face and a 3oz weighted head, it is made to appeal to any size of fish.

black Bart Black Rainbow

Its’ success comes from the steady swimming action that is mixed up with intermittent zig zags to the left and right.The Pelagic Breakfast runs in all positions but is a real favourite on the long rigger or long corner. It is a popular lure in a wide range of colours but when predators are eating squid Petro is hard to beat and is a proven colour on Bluefin, Yellowfin and marlin.

The Black Bart Pelagic Breakfast lure is suited for 100-300lb leader with 7/0-8/0 hooks or the size 35 in the Pakula Dojo hook.

Specifications: Hard Head

Skirted Weight: 3 oz / 85 grams

Head Length: 1.5″ / 38mm

Head Diameter: .96″ / 24mm

Skirted Length: 9” / 229mm L

Replacement Skirt Size: S2

This Black Bart Pelagic Breakfast Black Rainbow is for Angler that want it all.


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