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Bumble Bee Bug Surface Topwater Shallow Diver

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Bumble Bee Fishing lure Surface Shallow Diver

   Fishing Lure: Bumble Bee Surface Shallow Diver

A great Bumble Bee Fishing lure imitation that titches dives and wiggles to a strike. Bumble Bee fishing lure works well in the shallows, snags and overhanging trees where bees may fall into the water and be ambushed by Big Bass, Cod, Perch, Bream and other fish! This fishing lure works great on a wide range of natives in both freshwater and saltwater.The Bumble Bee Bug fishing lure is great for ponds, creeks and streams and really gets kids hooked on fishing.

Colour: Bumble Bee
Weight: 5.5 grams
Size: 4.5cm (45mm) including bib
Action: Shallow diver

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