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Cranka Crab Bream Lure

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The Cranka Crab is an original and unique Crab design that has been more than 10 years in development. This crab lure was designed specifically for bream but as anglers are quickly finding out it is deadly on a wide range of different estuarine species. This Cranks lure features realistic floating foam claws that are attached to the treble hooks to make the lure come to life in the water. The foam claws float up above the crabs head in the water waving around just like a real “defensive” crab that is trying to defend itself from predators that are trying to eat it. These floating claws not only make the crab look extremely real in the water, but they also place the hooks into the perfect position for a positive hook up when a fish eats the lure… these floating claws also makes the lure extremely “snag resistant” as the hooks stay up off the bottom during the retrieve!

 Cranka Crab lure

Other features of this lure include realistic soft plastic legs, tungsten base plate which comes in 2 different weights one light 3.9 grams and one heavy 5.9 grams for different situations, one piece through wire design to always keep you connected to the fish, quality Japanese Decoy #14 YS25 trebles and comes available in 8 realistic crab colours: Glow, Sand crab, spotted, brown, olive, cockle, fiddler, middy crab.

With multiple tournament wins already under its belt including a kayak world title, this cranka crab lure has quickly proven itself as a must have in every anglers arsenal.

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