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Dave Edwards was born and finish school in Brisbane before continuing with a further six years of studies at Gatton College. After a brief stay in Charleville, work commitments saw him settle in Toowoomba where he still is to this day,happily settled with his lovely wife Helen.

In the early days, Dave’s love of fishing took him anywhere from the very upper reaches of the Noosa river chasing wild Bass through to the very north of Queensland and over to the Territory in pursuit of the famed Barramundi and as far south as the Clarrence River and over to the reliable cod producing Copeton Dam. It was in fact a trip to Copeton dam where Dave first met Peter Newell.

Whilst Dave made a few plugs as well as a few other creations often using cut down broom handles,it was his meeting with Peter Newell that he proudly admits inspired him to have a serious crack at lure making.

By 1988 Dave was making enough of his quality timber Stingers lures to start selling them and then around mid 1988 the need for a deeper diver saw the birth of the timber Dam Buster. Both these models were made from cedar and sold through Peter Taylor’s “Mullet Gut Marine”

After a thousand or so of the hand made timber ones and with a rapidly growing reputation, demand was well and truly out stripping supply.

Around late 1989 and with the encouragement of Peter Taylor and the services of Allan Dolan the moulded versions were born.Once again demand was so great for the new moulded versions that Dave utilized the services of both Russell Hedges and then Stuart Rumble as lure painters for many years.

There was a couple of other timber lure models that were made in extremely small numbers, namely the the rattling Dam Buster, the Tiger Prawn, the Little Beauty and as well as a handful of a dolls eye timber version of the ever popular Wasp.Whilst on the topic of dolls eyes there were on the odd occasion the need to randomly use eyes with the different coloured pupils like the yellow and red that we sometimes across.This was due mainly to a supply problem of the regular black ones.

By mid 1993 two new lure models,the Mini Buster and the Wasp were starting to hit the shelves. These two models exceeded all expectations and were widely acknowelded as very reliable fish takers in both  fresh and saltwater. A year or two later the deep Stinger lure was added to the range and following that the Magnum Wasp lure and then the large Stinger soon after. All moulded models except the magnum Wasp started life with dolls eyes although some were very short lived like the brief appearance in 1996 of the longer skinny tailed version of the Dam Buster.The need to replace moulds helped make the decision to go away from the dolls eyes which were often  bulging and cracking as a result of being exposed to the elements and heat in tackle boxes.

Around 2000 the business was taken on by Darren Storm who at that time was working for Peter Taylor at Mullett Gut Marine. It then moved on to Nick Clark and now rests with J.D. in Tasmania who incidently is doing a tremendous job in keeping alive these great models that Dave Edwards started all those years ago.

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