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Most Expensive Fishing Lure

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fishing  lure Back in the 1850′s when Riley Haskell, a gunsmith started crafting beautiful fishing lure he’d never have foreseen one of his original lures being purchased at auction for over 100,000 dollars. This great story highlights the collectabilty of fishing related items and memorabilia. In 1859 a lure fisherman Riley Haskell from Painesville, Ohio made a hollow bodied, copper minnow fishing lure, measuring roughly 10 inches. We’re not sure what the price was when he first sold it, but he’d definitely be amazed if he knew that in 2003 his lure would fetch an unbelievable price of  $101,200 at an auction.

What makes this fishing lure so special you might wonder? This beautiful piece of craftsmanship shows exquisite attention to detail, it even shows tiny scales on the minnow’s body.  An important part of the appeal of this fishing lure was the fact that it is believed to be a unique piece and it is still in mint condition after more than 150 years. As a gunsmith primarily Haskell made very few fishing lures and each would have been individually hand crafted.

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