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Gary Yamamoto Shibuki Popper Black Bone

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The Gary Yamamoto Shibuki Black Bone fishing lure Popper is a concave-faced popper that’s small in stature, but the lure packs a big punch. Use this fishing lure popper to move as much water as you like with a simple twitch or pull of your rod. A subtle action can make it barely disturb the surface. A downward yank can spray water for a long distance. Features include premium color schemes and sticky-sharp hooks. Two sizes allow you to imitate a fleeing baitfish or to draw wary fish out of the gnarliest cover.

  • 1X strong Mustad Triple Grip hook
  • Designed for maximum casting distance
  • Lifelike acoustic footprints
  • 3-D holographic foil
  • Custom tuned action

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