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Halco Hamma Fishing Lure

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Halco Hamma Lure

Quality looks first class. Feel very confident about new Halco Hamma Lure.

The Halco Hamma is at the forefront of new lure technology. The Halco Hamma is a clear-bodied, suspending casting lure that comes supplied with multiple, easily changeable bibs of so anglers can target fish at varying depths.

Giving you the angler maximum flexibility in one easy package, another words allowing you to put the lure in the strike zone! The Halco Hamma is destined to become another Aussie legend.

Designed from the ground up, the Hamma was designed to tackle some of the world’s toughest, hardest fighting, The realistic baitfish profile will fool sportfish like Barramundi, Black Bass, Mangrove Jack, Tigerfish and Tarpon in to attacking the lure! Features

Halco Hamma Lure Features

The Halco Hamma comes with 2 interchangeable bibs to put your lure in the strike zone !

The shallow bib runs to a depth of 1 metre

The deep bib allows your lure to get down to 3+ metres

The Hamma has a specially designed weight transfer system it also weighs  allowing it to cast easily it is also a suspending lure so it will hold in the strike zone longer.

Fitted with 5X Strong Mustad Trebles and Halco’s famous super strong split rings you don’t have to worry about your terminal gear failing.

Halco Hamma lures are available in 2 sizes 85mm wieghing 13 grams and 123mm weighing 28 grams and 10 colour’s. See all available colors here .

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