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Halco Laser Pro 45

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Halco Laser Pro range lures are precision built for maximum fish catching ability.The small sinking Laser Pro 45, has a myriad of uses. It is mainly used for casting and its rear weighting assists in distance casting.

Halco laser pro 45 colors:

Halco Lures Laser Pro 45

Lure tips:

The Laser Pro 45 lure sinks slowly and maintains its horizontal profile. Try casting and doing a normal retrieve or try an erratic retrieve, even stopping the lure after a rapid pull. This helps keep the lure in the strike zone for longer and also is a strike trigger for many predatory fish. Try letting the lure sink to a predetermined depth before retrieving. This allows you to fish all areas of the water profile.

Hold the lure at the surface then let it sink where you can see it. Count how long it takes for the lure to sink to the depth you want. When you cast, you can do the count before retrieving and you will know the depth the lure is swimming at. 

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