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Jackall Cover Craw Soft lure

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The Jackall Cover Craw soft bait lure presents a protein-rich profile in a compact soft plastic package. It is available in two sizes three and four inch, both of which are salt injected and filled with live bait scent. It can be pitched into the tightest crevices or allowed to glide down in open water – there are no limitations to how it can be fished. Jackall special design allows it to glide back under docks and swim into the places where bass hide. When the Cover craw is nosed hooked, the lure lure will glide forward to the bottom without the use of weights.


This is a must have system that every angler must have in tackle box. Jackall cover craw it’s available in 8 colors: black red flake, cola, green pumpkin candy, green pumpkin pepper, june Jackall Cover Craw soft baitbug, pumpkin pepper, watermelons candy, watermelons candy.

Jackall Cover Craw it’s  available on eBay for $17 to $18 for pack of 8 see HERE
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