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Lure retriever for snagged lure

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Lure retriever

No matter how many fish you are caching, snagging your lure on a branch or rock can quickly ruin your mood. Aside from the five or ten bucks you lose every time this happens. We all know that the lures are expensive and most fishermen are hard to part with them, it would not be bad to know some of the way to free them. The fish that we catch are just in those places where it is easy to snagged you expensive lure.

Places where we love to cast full of obstacles, branches, sandbanks, rocks, bags and even other people’s lures.

Your snagged lure you should not easily give up, because for each lure on the end of the line, is hope for her salvation, and I hope that you will have some help the following tips:
When Lure snagged to an obstacle in the water should not immediately begin to twitch, pluck. First you need to stop and think what is the best way to free the lure.

Sometimes wiggle the rod tightening and loosening the strings detach the lure, and you pull it together with a twig, bag etc. But when your lure get snagged on larger rock or stump you try to use something like this SNAGMASTER.

If you have a chance to get a gadget called Lure retriever or to make your self will help you with free your fishing lure.A lure retriever is an absolutely essential item to carry in your tackle box. It will save you so much money, time and heart ache by retrieving your favorite lures from those annoying snags.

See some lure retriever lure-retriever-snagemater

SNAGMASTER is a device that of course is not 100% effective but all current users reported significantly good results. The Snagemaster are most effective is to a distance of five to six meters.

Murraymonster Lure Retriever

Murraymonster lure retriever, this lure retriever uses a specially designed, stainless steel continuous wire to attach your line to the lure retriever. The main advantages of this unique design are: it’s quick, easy and simple to use
– It won’t damage monofilament or Gel spun fishing lines
– It prevents the lure retriever twisting around the line and causing tangles
– There are no sharp edges to damage your tackle

The lure retriever is made from quality stainless steel and chrome plated steel to prevent rusting. The retriever has been designed with two key lure retrieving ideas in mind. The first principal is that of weight. The weight of the lure retriever, results in a 99% snag rate. In case this fails to work, a secondary principal has been implemented, that is the use of chrome-plated chain hanging from the base of lure retriever.

If the lure is not freed from the snag by the weight of the device, then the chains will tangle themselves with the trebles on your lure and you can pull your lure free. This may result in a bent treble, but an intact lure with a bent treble is better than a 20-dollar lure at the bottom of a river or lake.

Asari Lure Retriever

Asari Lure Retriever. The Asari Lure Aid could be the best investment you ever make as it is designed to go down your line, among the snags and catch onto your lure so that you can free it.

Because you have this device, you won’t be too worried about fishing those snag ridden areas where the fish are most likely to be.

  • 125gm model
  • Rigged with 25 metres of rope
  • Complete set for recovering snagged lures
  • Easy to operate
  • Suits all lure types


Tackleback Top Ender Lure Retriever. The Famous Tackleback lure retriever is a must have item for all lure fisherman.It is designed to save your lures and tackle (and money!) when that unwanted snag occurs. Made with a strong one piece stainless steel frame, it is perfect for Australian conditions.This easy to use unit will pay for itself in no time!Features:

  • Weight: Approximately 170gms
  • Length: Approximately 130mm
  • Designed for use from a boat
  • Strong, one piece stainless steel frame
  • Easy to use instructions included
  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • 2 year guarantee

make your own Lure Retriever


eBay Fishing lures

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