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Megabass Surface Beetle X Black Bug

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For topwater bass and bream fishermen, Megabass have delved into the design vault and created a new surface lure called the Beetle X. As the name suggests, the Beetle X is a beetle imitation approximately 41mm long and weight 1/4 oz.

Megabass Surface Beetle X - Black Bug
This new lure features the same life like wings as the Siglet has become known for. The Beetle X is designed to be fished slowly across the surface using a slow wind or subtle rod movements. A large internal ball bearing combines with the lifelike wings to create an enticing sonic vibration on the surface, attracting fish from far and wide.
Weighing 1/4 oz and available in 6 attractive colours, the Megabass Surface Beetle X lure will come into its own during summer when large numbers of Christmas beetles swarm across the country.

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