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Monster 148cm barramundi caught on regular lure

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Stanley Watt, 32, has been fishing at Wallaby Island, near Aurukun, since he was a child. On October 3, Mr Watt and nine family members took out their boat for a “Saturday on the water”.About noon, Mr Watt knew he had hooked on to something special. 145cm_barra

Without hesitation, the born and bred Aurukun local jumped into crocodile-infested water in a desperate effort to reel in a “monster” 1.48m barramundi.

After a long struggle, he managed to lift the giant fish on to the boat while his stunned family looked on.

A photo of his catch (right) was only recently shared on social media, leaving countless keen anglers awestruck.

Speaking to The Cairns Post, Mr Watt described the incredible catch as “the biggest barra he had seen”.

“I’ve seen them big before but not that big, I was shaking and pretty excited,” he said.

“My family were all yelling and clapping.”

Up to 10 people enjoyed the fish after it was cooked later in the day.

Mr Watt, a member of the Winchanum clan, said he was “spiritually connected” to barramundi because it was his family’s special totem.

“When I was a little boy my dad took me to Wallaby Island and showed me all the best spots,” he said.

“It’s just what we like to do.”

He said the fish was caught using a “regular lure” bought from an Aurukun convenience store.

The family man gained celebrity status as word of his epic catch quickly spread throughout his hometown.

Mr Watt’s wife Dianne said she was “very proud” of her husband, adding he had set a new benchmark for barra fishing in the Far North.

“People up here are all still talking about it,” she said.

A closed season applies to barramundi fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria from October 7 to February 1.

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