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Murray Cod Lure Choice

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Anglers are certainly spoilt with the amount of lures available for Murray Cod fishing. Not only the types of lures but the colours and patterns are endless. There are three main types of lures you sude use when walking the bank fishing for Murray cod. These are the traditional hard bodied bibbed lures, spinnerbaits, and surface lures. The selection of what lure to use in what colour all depends on where and when you fishing. Bibbed lures are probably the most well known and commonly used by most aussie anglers out there as they are simple but effective in most situations.

These lures come in many diving depths so it helps if you know what depth of water you’re fishing in before selecting your fishing lure. Everyone has a favorite colour in cod lures, but I think darker colours work well in dirtier water and more natural looking colours that imitate either red fin or carp work well in the clear water.If you cast these lures past the area you wish to target, usually a snag or a deeper drop off and give them a quick wind to get them down to depth. Then slowly swim them as close to the bottom as possible trying to entice a strike from a Murray cod. Repetitive casting in the same area is often what brings a result when the water has cooled a little. The fish can be lazy and are often not interested in feeding but are more annoyed at your constant invasion of their domain.Without doubt the spinnerbaits has to be number one lure when casting from the bank. I have caught more fish on spinnerbaits than another fishing lure. They come in a variety of blade configurations, weights and colours. I find the colarado style blades in anything up to half an ounce in darker color variations deadly in most areas.  The main attractions of spinner lures are they are not easily lost even when casting into the snaggiest water. The vibration and flash they put out can awaken the most reluctant fish into a strike. When the water is dirty spinnerbaits seem to work better than any other lure, this is partly due to fish not just having to rely on sight to find your lure but also on the heavy vibration these lures broadcast through the water. When casting these lures, strikes can come as the spinner bait slowly helicopters downwards beside a snag or a steep drop off, so be prepared. When retrieving the spinner bait let the lure work very slowly as deep as possible letting the blades work to maximum effect.

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When night falls or early in the morning before the sun is up it can be a struggle to get a bite casting traditional lures partly due to fish just not being able to see them. This is usually when you sude use a surface lure. Murray Cod are well known for eating small creatures off the surface such as insects, birds, frogs and whatever else may make the mistake venturing into their domain. Surface lures are many and varied, including poppers fizzers, frogs and surface walkers such as jitterbugs and Nightwalkers. All these lures are made to imitate a creature in distress on the surface. I have seen most success on the larger surface walking style of lures which make a distinct sound as you wind them across the surface. My all time favorite would have to be the Arbogast Jitterbug. This lure has been around for years and been the undoing of many cod. There are many colours available but the two main colours I use are black and white.

When the moon is out or there is a bit of light on the water I have found the white jitterbug attracts more interest and on dark nights the black seems to do the job. The technique I use with these lures is to cast and leave it on the surface for a few seconds before starting my slow retrieve pausing again every so often and letting the lure sit. Cod will often follow your presentations right to the bank, lying in ambush. They may watch your lure travel past their head many times before striking.  I can assure you it will be when you least expect it, but having the life scared out of you is all part of the fun.  Catching cod off the surface is probably the least productive when it comes to numbers of fish you may catch but  in my opinion is probably the most visually spectacular and rewarding  form of cod fishing there is.

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