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Rebel Bumble Bug Fishing Lure

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They know the bee, fly or wasp likely only has moments left before becoming a snack for the predators swimming below. Tiny wave rings expand outward as the insect struggles, an action that helps seal the bug’s fate. The surface disturbance alerts fish like the sound of a dinner bell, and in no time a bass, bluegill or other fish comes up from below and engulfs the insect. It’s the same with the Rebel Bumble Bug.

The Rebel Bumble Bug presents the perfect insect-shaped profile to predator fish swimming below. It even has a pair of buggy wings, and the paint jobs replicate the exact looks of a bumble bee, lady bug, horse fly.The Rebel Bumble Bug is an effective lure for all species of bass, bluegills and other panfish, plus just about anything else that swims in creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes. Equipped with a diving lip, the Bumble Bug works double duty as a finesse topwater lure or an insect-shaped crankbait. The Rebel Bumble Bug lure dives to about 2-feet when cranked steadily on 4-pound line. Cast and allow the surface rings expand and dissipate before giving the lure a slight twitch, then let it sit again for a few seconds. If the fish aren’t willing to take the Bumble Bug off the surface, try different cranking retrieves.5 lifelike insect color patterns :Fire Bug, Bumble Bee, Horse Fly, Hornet and June Bug.

Rebel_Bumble_Bug_ Fire Bug Rebel_Bumble_Bug_Bumble Bee  Bug_Hornet_lure bug_Horse Fly Bug_June Bug

This is a fabulous bumble bug lure by Rebel that many fisherman do not know about and pass over. It floats or can be twitched on surface. Or, if you crank (reel) it will dive a couple feet). To us (humans), it looks like an oversized bee or bug, but to fish? Maybe a large juicy bug.

If you haven’t caught a Bass yet, do yourself a favour and buy some Rebel Bug lure.

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