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Rebel Crickhopper Fishing Lure

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The Rebel Crickhopper lure is the spitting image of a real, live grasshopper, and can be retrieved slowly on top with lots of pauses or simply cast and cranked. It catches fish any way you fish it.

All Fish Eat Grasshoppers.Who hasn’t caught one and thrown it in the water just to see how long it lasts before something comes up from underneath and smacks it? Bass, Cod, yellow belly ,trout, redfin and other fish love grasshoppers, and the Rebel Crickhopper. It’s perfect for ultralight fishing streams, ponds even big lakes and Crickhopper available in six color patterns to match the grasshoppers in your area.

rebelCrickhopper lure

This productive fishing lure resembles crickets and grasshoppers during different stages of the year and can be used as a top water lure or as a crankbait. Perfect for cod, trout, yellow belly and redfin fishing.

All You had to do is find some areas with over hanging trees and the fish are on it. They are so used to bugs falling in they don’t think twice and its normal for you to get a hit before the ripples even go away if you select your fishing spot properly.

The Rebel Crickhopper is a quality constructed and visually appealing lure, which is about as real looking as you could make a lure other than a tied fly.

This lure is absolutely MAGIC. If you can find a bass and show it one of these, it will leave it’s family, mortgage the house, sell the car, and run off with this little baby.

Not only do I love Rebel Crickhopper but I own them in every color. These are my favorite top water lures. You can catch anything with these Rebel lures.

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