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Rebel Micro Crickhopper Lure

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The Rebel micro Crickhopper is a super ultralight version of the classic Rebel Crickhopper. Like all of the baits in the Rebel micro Critter Series, the micro Crickhopper features a single barbless hook instead of troublesome tiny trebles.

Rebel micro Crickhopper

Rebel redefines ultralight lures with the micro Critters Series of baits. Available in three colors, which includes chrome and trout styles mimicking Rebel’s most-popular and effective lures, this lineup spells big trouble for fish and big fun for fishermen. The single hook is barbless, which eliminates most deep-hooking issues common to ultralight lures. This micro Crickhopper is available in Fire Tiger, Brown Cricket and Yellow Grasshopper color patterns and is effective on all species of bass, trout and others.

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