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Rebel Pop-R popper lure

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Rebel Pop-R popper ureThe Rebel Pop-R popper lure. Perfect for bass fishing. This lure won anglers hundreds of thousands of dollars in bass tournaments while it was discontinued. After “The Secret Bait of the Pros” was revealed in a major bass fishing magazine, the Rebel Pop-R returned to the lineup and sold more than a million lures in the first year. The profile and action of the Pop-R make it a favorite of anglers everywhere. It can be worked quickly across the surface like a panicked baitfish or slowly twitched to mimic a meal that’s almost dead, and every speed in between. Pop-R lure come in 18 colors: bluegill, bone, bream, bublegum, chartreuse shad, clear, fire tiger, foxy momma, foxy shad, gold finish/black back, gold finish/blue back, gold fleck/rainbow, ol’bass, rainbow, silver black, silver/black, silver blue, tennessee shad.

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