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Reidy’s B52 Lure

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Reidy’s B52 is the iconic lure as one of the best Barra lures on the Aussie market. The lure is used all over Australia but its main use is in Northern Australia catching big Barra. The Reidy’s B52 lure is also used on many other species of tropical fish as well as Southern species such as Australian Salmon, Tailor, Trout, Kingfish and many other coastal species. The lure has a distinctive rolling action & slower tail beat than other Reidy’s products. With the rolling action, the lure being a shallow diver it can flash its colours with sunlight penetration & attract predators.


The lure is 125mm in length & weighs 25g & has a reputation of being one of the best cast & retrieve lures in the market. The body flashing can be further highlighted by twitching the rod tip so the lure will dart & flash like a fleeing bait fish. The B52 lure can also be used as a trolling lure & again by twitching the rod tip the lure will dart & pause like bait fish. The lure is fitted with 2 x heavy duty size 1 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings & has internal rattles. The body & bib are made of ABS plastic. The Reidy’s B52 lure dives to approx 1.5 metres under normal trolling conditions & is a slow trolling lure.

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