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Reidy’s Goulburn Jack Lure

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The Reidy’s deep diving Goulburn Jack lure is like an old mate, when you need help it delivers. The Reidy’s Goulburn Jack lure is a favourite at the big fishing tournaments like The BARRA NATIONALS & The BARRA CLASSIC. The lure has credited itself with catching the biggest fish in these events. The Goulburn Jack continues to be a favourite lure for catching point scoring fish & is a favourite of many big name anglers fishing these events. The lure also has a healthy following with Murray Cod & Yellowbelly anglers as well.

Reidy's Goulburn Jack Lures The Reidy’s Goulburn Jack dives to around 5 metres when trolling & with its fast tail beat, body roll, loud internal rattles & a nose down attitude so the bib hits on rock bars & snags it is no wonder this lure has a reputation for delivering. Another advantage of this lure is when casting the large bib will have the lure getting down deep as soon as the lure is retrieved so casting at deep snags or drop offs can be rewarding. The Reidy’s Goulburn Jack is 90mm in length, weighs approx 18g & is fitted with 2 x heavy duty size 1 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings. The body of the lure is made from ABS plastic & the bib is made from polycarbonate. 

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