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Salmo Pop popper lure

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Salmo Pop is a simple but effective popper. Classic shape, critical mass and ideal balance make this lure easy to cast, every time. Add the casting ability to the superb action and you have a faultless topwater bait. Pop is offered in one size – 6cm.


There are several ways of fishing with poppers – you have to adjust your technique according to the level of fish response. When fish are taking well it is a good tactic to retrieve the Salmo Pop fast at a constant speed although the Pop makes relatively little disturbance used like this. Alternatively with a series of twitches the Pop will make fish-attracting “plopping” noises and leave a trail of bubbles in its wake. After each twitch allow the Salmo Pop to rest for as much as a couple of seconds before tightening up and “popping” it again. When fish are lazy it is a good idea to try making a series of “jumps” with the Salmo Pop, each jump should be 0.3 – 0.5m long, make two or three jumps then allow the lure to rest on the surface for 3 – 4 seconds before repeating the jumps. Most often it will be some combination of these 3 techniques that will bring the best results.

Salmo pop popper lure

Salmo Pop popper lure colors: BB (Baby Bass), CK (Carbon Killer), GMS (Gold Metallic Shiner), SH (Shiner), SMS (Silver Metallic Shiner), WF (White Frog)and YPH (Yellow Perch).

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