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Salmo Rover Lure

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Salmo Rover lure is a mix of stickbait and popper . With the skilful merging of those two types of lures, we achieved a construction with excellent aerodynamic values and a unique action. Add all that to a built- in rattle and you have one heck of a topwater bait. Rover Lure is offered only in one size of 7cm and 4 colors: Chrome Black, Hot Perch, Pearl Black Orange and Yellow Frog. Also have 3d eyesand Internal rattle system.


The Salmo Rover is a versatile surface lure designed to be used with all standard surface fishing techniques. “Walking-the dog” with the Rover is easier than ever with gentle rhythmic strokes of the rod tip. It is also easy to use as a popper and sometimes great results can be enjoyed by simply retrieving it straight across the surface at a constant fast speed. However, you should find that combining all these 3 techniques would provide the best results. In lakes the Rover is used for fishing between patches of reeds and over shallow areas with submerged vegetation. After casting we wait a few seconds before retrieving with any of the various techniques and every couple of metres we pause and leave the lure floating motionless for a few seconds. The Rover is an excellent lure for asp, both in rivers and lakes, the best places in rivers is in slacks where the flow is very slow or stationary. Whatever you do be sure to make the most of this lure’s versatility, experiment to find the best blend of techniques to suit the conditions.

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