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Savage Gear Hard Shrimp Lure

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Providing lifelike attraction for every part of the water column, the Savage Gear Hard Shrimp combines the durability and castability of a hard lure with the subtle and super-realistic action of a soft bait.

Savage_gear_Hard_Shrimp_lureThis lure are designed to swim backwards, the Savage Gear Hard Shrimp provides a seductive darting action with a slow-to-medium retrieve. On a medium-to-fast retrieve, the Savage Gear Hard Shrimp delivers an erratic “walk the dog” surface action that triggers explosive blow-ups. When paused, the Hard Shrimp have TPE legs and antennae generate a seductive quiver as it descends towards the lake floor.

Internally, the Hard Shrimp features a glass rattle that imitates the clicking sound of a shrimp, as well as, a magnetic hook keeper, which hugs the razor-sharp treble hook tight to the body of the bait. Offered in a number of detailed shrimp patterns, the Savage Gear Hard Shrimp provides anglers with a versatile and incredibly lifelike shrimp imitation that excels anywhere that fish and crustaceans come in contact. Also available in 8 colors: Avocado, Blue Pearl, Brown, Chartreuse Glow, Golden, Natural Shrimp, Nuclear Chicken and Red. See hard shrimp lure in swim action on youtube.

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