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Sebile Pivot Frog™ topwater lure

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Sebile Pivot Frog Lure

Sebile Pivot Frog lure, coming in 2 1/2″ size and 8 colors, adds much needed innovation into the hollow frog category. Using the Gravity Hook System, a pivoting single wide gap hook, allows the hook to freely rotate position. This allows for fewer snags and increases hook up and landing ratios. Two hook systems are difficult to hook bass while the Pivot Frog focuses all the force applied by the angler on one hook point! Fish it in open water and the slop working the bait between pads while pausing intermittently.

Sebile Pivot Frog lure colors: Black Yellow Frog, Brown Frog, Firetiger, Green Frog, Orange Frog, Spotted Mess, White Lime Frog and Yellow Frog.

  • Sebile’s Gravity Hook System employs a pivoting hook that optimizes snag free frog fishing and increases hook up ratios
  • Soft body designed to collapse for maximum hook penetration
  • Equipped with round bend wide gap weighted black nickel hook
  • Hook position keels Frog making it more controllable during retrieve
  • Versatile design can be used in slop but also open water 

Sebile® Pivot Frog™ Lure


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  • Jonh says:

    Patrick Sebile to take a great fishing lure & make it even better. A beautiful lure design – simple yet functional without being too complicated. Casts very well too!

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