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Sebile Slow Sinking Magic Swimmer Swimbait

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Sebile‘s most famous lure model, the slow sinking Magic Swimmer lure is a revolutionary design that undulates it’s jointed body in a very natural way that’s irresistible to predators.The Magic Swimmer is very popular with anglers everywhere and for every species in fresh or saltwater.

Sebile Slow Sinking Magic Swimmer Swimbait

Available in hard or soft versions, the Sebile Magic Swimmer does not have a lip like other hard baits the Magic Swimmer Soft have a paddle tail to make it swim. The hooks are great saltwater grade and razor-sharp. The weight distribution is perfect in all three sections, with subtle rattling near the front. It is hard to find lip-less hard bait nowadays, the magic swimmer is a jewel. Sebile magic swimmers are almost life like in the water.This lure swim like no other lure. 

Sebile slow sinking Magic Swimmer it’s available in 14 colors:Ghost Violet,White Lady, Natural Shiner, Natural Golden Shiner, Blue Althéa, Holo Greenie, Natural White Perch, Natural Rainbow Trout, Red Head, Deep Bronze, Golden Trout, Natural Largemouth Bass, Natural Peacock and Natural Seatrout.

NOTE: There are a lot of fake sebile’s being made in china. they don’t swim like the true sebile lure. Look at the eye of the lure to make sure its not a fake. The original Sebile Magic Swimmer have a red eye with a silver and red E in the center. the fake lures do not.



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