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Shimano Spanyid Sniper Vibe

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Spanyid Sniper Vibe

Spanyid Sniper Vibe

The Shimano Spanyid Sniper Vibe is a soft plastic UV-enhanced hybrid lure.Spanyid Sniper Vibe have effective design allows the angler to work every depth of the water column for almost any species. Robustly built with durable through-wire construction tested to 26 kilograms and fitted with ultra sharp VMC trebles, the Spanyid Sniper Vibe is available in eight proven fish catching colours and four sizes ranging from 60 to 120 millimetres, making them the most versatile vibe range on the market. Shimano Spanyid Sniper Vibe come in 4 size options, 8 colors and weight rage form 6g to 30g. Lure action SLOW LIFT, SLOW ROLL, HOP AND WIND.
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