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Squid Fishing Techniques

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squid fishing jigsSquid are attracted to light. Whether you take advantage of the light sources on docks, or you create your own light source, this is a crucial component to catching them. Having a light on the end of a pole or dip net is another great way to catch them. The two main ways that people catch squid are to use light-up lures and some kind of net, and to jig for them. Poles should be light and long- squid don’t weigh much, and you need to be able to get into the pockets of light cast by overhead dock lighting. Best nights are overcast or rainy at high tide. This is when it’s easiest for squid to see your light and not the moon.

Squid are pretty mellow, but they’re not defenseless.  Their two main defense mechanisms won’t kill you, but they can put a damper on your night. First- wear dark clothes when squid fishing. Squid will and do shoot jets of ink during times they feel threatened. It washes out if you don’t let it dry on you, but even so, avoid light clothing if you worry about stains.  Second, those spineless invertebrates do have one hard, sharp center- a beak that is shaped a lot like a parrot’s. And though it won’t kill you, it hurts if they bite.  If you have kids with you, keep little fingers away from the center of the tentacles, and all should be fine.

Squid Jigs Tips

Squid jigs are usually translucent or clear, long and thin. Make sure you have the right hook- lures may vary, but a squid hook always has an upward slanting ray shape or two upward prongs. If you don’t know what they look like, ask at the tackle shop. You won’t catch squid with the wrong hook. You can do a single lure or multi lure line. Multi lure is a great way if you’re not sure what depth they’re hanging at. The feel of a squid on the line is very subtle- you need to be aware of it, and act fast.

There is no doubt that expensive squid jigs will get you better results. There a lot of companies making squid jigs these days and this is a good thing! Mix up your brands buy a few from each in varying colours, style and size. Generally squid jigs start at 2.5 and go to 4.0. You can buy smaller and much larger sizes but for targeting calamari these sizes are best and that’s what you will find at the local tackle store. There are basic guidelines provided by squid jigs companies that outline when and in what conditions you should use certain colours. Yamashita jigs has the most extensive guides and they’re easily accessible online. You can check them out here. 

Yamashita Squid Jigs EGI

I suggest buying a mix of bright jigs in pink and oranges, a few dark jigs and some glow in the dark jigs in green and blue colours. This is a good basic starting point that will enable you to successfully target squid in most situations. If you have any questions about squid fishing please visit forum or leave a comment thanks. Happy Jigging.

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