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Strike King S11 Optics Fishing Polarized Sunglasses

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Strike King S11 Optics Fishing Polarized Sunglasses, scientifically engineered high contract lens, tailors the light spectrum to actively enhance the visual clarity for all fishing conditions and outdoor activities. Whether it’s a clear or overcast day, muddy or clear water, this revolutionary sunglass will dramatically improve the angler’s ability to see into the water to locate structure and fish.


The scientifically engineered lens colors with heighten the human eye’s ability to clearly distinguish underwater structure and fish. Bi-Gradient mirror treatment helps provide that extra protection from light bouncing off the water and direct sunlight from above, which lets the lens, do the squinting for you. Anti- reflective coating prevents light from bounding off the rear of the lens to the eyes, resulting in a clearer, non-distorted image for the user.


Another feature is the super hydrophobic coating that helps repel oils, dust and water which prevents water spots and making the lens easier to clean. The sunglasses are 100-Percent UVA and UVB protection and offer the eleven layers of superior polarized lens technology.


They are a large frame, so if you have a small face they may not be the ones for you. My only concern is they are plastic and I can see them breaking at the hinges. They are not the highest quality frames, but the lens make up for it.

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