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Tonic polarized fishing sunglasses

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By creating a lens that incorporates four colours, and coating the inside of the lens with an anti-reflective film, the wearer will enjoy true eye protection without losing any colour perception. A decentered lens allows the wearer to see straight ahead, up and down and also peripherally, without experiencing any optical distortion.

Tonic polarized new glass lenses are a lighter weight and come in a choice of grey or photochromic (darkens automatically according to light conditions) and copper. There is also a polycarbonate lens version in grey or copper.

All frames – a choice of shiny black or tortoiseshell – are made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and are lightweight and durable. Tonic Polarized sunglasses that cut glare without losing clarity. Every pair of Tonic polarized sunglasses comes attractively packaged and is backed by a 12 month new for old warranty

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