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Best Trout Spinners

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Spinners must be in your lure box. The simple because truth love spinnersThese essential and proven spinners are the best for trouth fishing.

Panther Martin Original Spinners

Panther _Martin_Original_spinner

Without a doubt, this is one of the best trout spinners ever made. They are especially effective in small creeks, but will land fish in larger rivers, too.  While snorkeling streams I have watched trout hit these baits, and it is amazing how aggressive the attack is.  Pair the 1/16th oz size with 4 pound test, and try it in riffles and pools.

The Original Panther Martin Spinner , with a copper blade and black body, is hard to beat in clear water.

Worden’s Rooster Tail Spinners


While the Rooster Tail spinners are effective in larger streams, they really shine in lakes.  They are a fairly heavy lure and cast well with light line.  This allows you to cover more water, and a few split shot about 18 inches up the line will help them cast even farther.

Retrieve them near the surface in the morning and evening, and roll them slowly along the bottom in the mid-day.  They can also be trolled, with flashers or without.  When the trout are slow and sluggish, try the new Vibric Rooster Tail.  These baits have a weighted keel and a shaft-through blade design that allows the blade to spin at extremely slow speeds.

Brown body Rooster Tails with copper blades are killer in clear lakes.  Try tipping one of the hooks with a bit of black Berkley Trout Worm for some added attractant.

Blue Fox Vibrax



The Blue Fox Vibrax is often thought of as a steel head bait, but the smaller sizes make for excellent trout spinners.  The color selection differs from other spinners, and that opens up a lot of options for the trout angler. These spinners are effective in both lakes and streams.  Like the Rooster Tail, they can be trolled or casted.  They come in several chartreuse color variations, which are especially effective on trout in glacial or dirty water.

Mepps Aglia Spinners


The simple design and pattern of the Mepp’s Aglia Spinner has been proven for decades, and they were one of the first spinners I used for trout.  Size zero through two will take trout anywhere, and the original, un-dressed version is still one of my favorites.

Color choice 

In clear water the copper blades and dark colors spinners tend to fish the best.  If the water is dirty or murky, try silver and chartreuse. Leave your questions in the comments.

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