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ZMan DieZel Spin Lure

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ZMan DieZel Spin is a must-have lure for Murray cod anglers. Its unique 10X Tough DieZel MinnowZ trailer delivers realistic injured prey movements and the 3D eyes are realistic enough to fool even the most finicky Murray cod in the area.Durable, versatile, and flat-out effective, the ZMan Diezel Spin delivers an unbeatable combination of flash and vibration that will have big Murray cod. Providing a tremendous underwater disturbance, the ZMan Diezel Spin is fitted with an oversized Colorado blade and perfectly matched with Z-Man’s hard-thumping Diezel Minnow, so anglers can open the package and begin fishing instantly. 

ZMan DieZel Spin Lure

Built using a heavy-duty wire, the ZMan Diezel Spin lure sets itself apart from all other safety-pin style baits with a bulletproof construction that’s capable of handing vicious strikes and saltwater environments as well. Just as tough as the lure itself, the ZMan Diezel Minnow is poured using ZMan ElaZtech plastic, which is up to 10X stronger than traditional soft plastics. Armed with a razor-sharp 4/0 Mustad hook, the ZMan Diezel Spin delivers unbelievable performance that both fresh and saltwater anglers are sure to love.

ZMan DieZel Spin lure its available in 6 colors:Bad Shad, Gold Rush, Houdini, Mulletron, New Penny, Redbone.

Zman Diezel Spin are avaliable one Bay here


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