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ZMan Pop Frogz topwater lure

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Zman pop frogz lure are one of the most exciting soft plastic lures to hit the Australian market in recent times.  As odd as it sounds, these are one of the softest, yet strongest soft plastic lures you gonna ever seen.  They are extremely supple compared to lure such as Squidgy’s, which often have to be boiled, and are much stronger than better swimming soft plastics such as the Berkley Hollowbelly range.  You will be surprised at the punishment you can give these lures without them ripping.  The pop frogz different from most other soft plastic frogs in 2 major ways.  Firstly they are extremely buoyant, allowing them to remain in position on the pause, and secondly they have a cupped face allowing them to be worked like a popper. 


They are not that great for the traditional fast frog retrieve you see on fishing video on youtube, but they absolutely go off as a slow retrieve popper.  You can also use a weighted jig head to make these lures swim under the surface with 2 soft vibration legs, dropping them into holes in weed and lilly pads. Suggested hook for zman pop frogz lure is the TT SWS 8/0. Easily the best frog fishing lure on the market.Zman pop frogz lure are available in 6 colors: Green Pumpkin, Hot Chartreuse, Mud Minnow, Redbone, Watermelon and White.

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